Turkey named the reason for the global injustice of the world

Turkish official Altun: the colonial order of the West is the cause of global injustice

The colonial order established by the West is at the root of global injustice, said the head of the communications department of the Turkish presidential Administration, Fahrettin Altun.

According to him, the world has faced injustice both in the era of traditional media and today – in the era of electronic media.

“In order to draw attention to the unfairness that has developed, the Turkish head of state said that “the world is more than five” and “a more just world is possible.” The main concern of our president (Tayyip Erdogan) is to draw attention to global injustice and contribute to solving this problem,” Altun said, quoted by Anadolu agency.

According to the Turkish politician, the colonial order established by the Western world lies behind the injustice in the spheres of politics, economy and culture.
“This fundamental dynamic underlies global injustice. At the same time, another irreplaceable aspect completing this process is the Western system of dependencies. The colonial system built by the West could not and cannot exist without the Western system of dependence. In other words, both the actors who created the Western colonial system and the actors who support it, including in the non-Western world, which sees Westernism as its main political motivation, rotate around this axis, depending on the West,” the representative of the Turkish presidential administration said.

Commenting on the development of events that occurred after the widespread use of the Internet, Altun noted that during this period there was a feeling of a great revolution in the field of communication. According to him, people began to change very quickly, adhering to a more critical point of view than an optimistic one.

“Why? Because we quickly saw that the increase in information brought with it another problem. This is both a source of information and a problem of information reliability. How to solve this problem? There is information everywhere. What information is reliable and what information can be trusted? We are faced with a lack of criteria,” Altun added.